wordartMonitoring ECVET implementation strategies in Europe in 2013
Cedefop’s third analysis of developments in ECVET from June 2011 to September 2012 in 32 countries. The Council recommendation on ECVET (DATE) calls on Member States to ‘create the necessary conditions and adopt measures so that as from 2012 it is possible for ECVET to be gradually applied’ to vocational education and training (VET) qualifications at all levels of the European Qualifications Framework.

Out of office – an overview of workplace absenteeism in Europe
Examines the causes of sick leave, how the cost of sick leave cover is divided between state, employer and employee, and how workplace absenteeism can be prevented.

Working conditions and job quality – comparing sectors in Europe – overview report
Aims to capture the diversity prevalent across sectors in Europe in terms of working conditions and job quality.

Squeezed youth – the intergenerational pay gap and the cost of living crisis
Reveals that there has been a striking divergence between the earnings of older and younger workers; the median gross weekly wages of someone aged 18 to 21 have fallen by almost a fifth in real terms since 1997, whereas workers who are in their fifties have seen their earnings increase by 25% over the same period.