How can local skills strategies help low earners?
Looks at how local skill strategies which help increase employer demand for skills can improve the prospects of low-wage workers. Weak demand for skills among employers is associated with a greater prevalence of low-wage work, increasing the risk of poverty.

Employer engagement in education – literature review
Reviews existing and new evidence about how employer engagement can improve on the learning and progression of young people.

Spotlight on VET – United Kingdom
Key facts and issues around Vocational Education and Training (VET), which is offered at most levels of the qualifications frameworks in the United Kingdom. A separate qualifications and credit framework exists in England and Northern Ireland from the ones in Scotland and Wales. There are around 200 awarding organisations in the UK and several thousand accredited qualifications.

The future of work – jobs and skills in 2030
Provides results from a qualitative study on the trends, disruptions, and drivers of change in the UK economy and labour market over the next 16 years.

Supporting young people to participate in education and training
An Association of Colleges’ / Ofsted project reviewing factors that help or hinder young people aged 16 to 18 living in London to participate in education, employment or training. Forms part of Ofsted’s improvement activity in conjunction with the AoC professional engagement with the further education (FE) sector.

Progress report on the Regional Growth Fund – session 2013-14 (HC 1097)
Update on the Regional Growth Fund’s progress since its September 2012 report, and the key actions the Departments and the Secretariat took in response. Provides analysis and commentary on the Fund’s performance since the Committee’s last report.

Apprenticeship funding reform in England – payment mechanisms and funding principles
Building on the results of the funding consultation last summer and the funding principles announced in the Autumn Statement, this consultation sets out a core model that could be implemented either through PAYE or an Apprenticeship Credit, and seeks views on these two payment mechanism options.