wordcloudThree years on from the ground-breaking review in 2011, Lord Davies and his steering group report a growing number of women in decision-making roles. The latest figures show that women now account for 20.7 per cent of board positions in the FTSE100 – up from 12.5 per cent in 2011 and 17.3 per cent in April 2013. Lord Davies originally set a target in 2011 of achieving 25 per cent in 2015.

Gender equality and youth employment – travel & tourism as a key employer of women and young people
Shows that travel and tourism employs a higher proportion of women and young people than is represented in the workforce as a whole. The research focused on five countries: Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, and Turkey. These countries cover a wide geographic range, represent both mature and emerging tourism markets and for each there is also sufficient data availability to allow accurate and comparable analysis.

Women deserve better – a better deal for women aged 50 and over in employment
Presents a survey undertaken for Unison, the union, on the position of women in the workplace aged 50 and over. Examines the emerging patterns and trends in discrimination being experienced by older women in the workplace. The survey was carried out between the end of November 2013 and the beginning of January 2014.

Building the future – women in construction
This report picks up the challenge facing the sector, with women only account for 11 per cent of the construction workforce and just 1 per cent of workers on site, and with the gender pay gap in construction remaining wider than in other industries. The sector can neither justify nor countenance remaining a ‘no-go area’ for women. In order to fill the skills gap it will have to recruit and retain more women, and not just in support roles.