Changing Patterns of Employment Call for ‘Closer College and Employer Links’
The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has launched a report to encourage stronger links between colleges and employers in a bid to tackle rising UK skills shortages.

Employers to Play Bigger Role in Rating Skills Training
Ofsted is asking employers to play a bigger role in rating the effectiveness of skills training and education.

Help to Work – Nationwide Drive to Help the Long-Term Unemployed into Work
Help to Work will give Jobcentre staff a new range of options to support the hardest to help get off benefits and into work.

New Contract Demanding More from Jobseekers in Place Across Britain
635,000 claimants have signed new agreements setting out what they will do to find work in return for their benefits.

Most Workers on Zero-Hours Contracts Earn Less than the Living Wage
The majority of workers on zero-hours contracts earn less than the living wage – and more than three-quarters of staff in London – the TUC says today (Wednesday) ahead of the publication of new official figures on the extent of zero-hours contracts.

Labour’s Proposed Zero Hours Curbs ‘Risk Unintended Consequences’
Legislating against abuse of flexible contracts not straightforward, warn experts. Restrictions on zero hours contracts, as proposed by Labour leader Ed Miliband, could be difficult to legislate for, employment experts have warned.

Launch of ELITE Growth Coaching Programme
Speech by Matthew Hancock on the ELITE coaching programme, access to finance, and the advice and mentoring available to entrepreneurs.

Research Finds Highly Qualified Young People Most Likely to Work for Free
Young jobseekers are more likely to accept unpaid work to get on the career ladder the higher the level of qualifications they’ve achieved, according to research from recruitment firm Adecco.

Consultation Launched on How Science Funding Should be Invested
Giving you the opportunity to say how the new funding on science and research should be spent.

Government’s First Foster-Friendly Employer
The Department for Education becomes government’s first foster-friendly employer.

Why SMEs Should Invest in Apprenticeships
Study estimates apprentices are worth around £214 per week to businesses through reduced costs and improved quality of product.

More and More Disabled People Following Their Career Dreams
The number of disabled people taking advantage of support to get or keep a job is up by over 10 per cent on last year.