The future of England – the local dimension
Investigates people’s level of connection with local areas, their trust in local institutions and their appetite for more devolution of powers to the local level.

The future of social value
Looks at the challenges of implementation of the Public Services (Social Value) Act – one year after its introduction – and gives recommendations for its continued success.

Local roots to growth
Suggests councils are best placed to shape local economies whilst ensuring that the right type of growth is delivered sustainably. Urges Local Authorities to be brave in long-term planning and investment in infrastructure and skills. Cautions that “the localism rhetoric must turn to reality”, in order to give councils real influence over local finance to borrow, spend and earn with greater freedom.

Social finance in the UK – designing the experience for ventures
Looks at how social entrepreneurs find and access finance and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Building Local Advantage – Review of LEP Area Economies 2014
Athey Consulting’s latest report for the LEP Network, released to LEPs on 31 March 2014, reveals a series of insights for local economies in England.

Pop goes the payslip – making universal credit work for families
Reveals unintended effects that the current design of universal credit will have on disincentivising work for some parents who will lose money as their earnings increase. Outlines the extent of this problem for a range of parents wanting to either return to the job market or increase their working hours. Makes recommendations, which do not require any additional funding, but give parents under Universal Credit the choice, control and help needed to ensure that returning to work or taking on extra hours never leaves them worse off.

There is an alternative – an economic strategy for 2015
Hard-hitting critique of the UK’s growth prospects, cautions that the current economic model is unsustainable and risks years of stagnation. Sets out an economic roadmap that could transform the UK’s long-term prospects within five years, by rebalancing our economy in favour of exports, rebuilding our manufacturing base and weaning the nation off its dependency on borrowing.

Unlocking new opportunities – jobs in green and healthy transport
Focuses on potential job creation from public transport, cycling and walking. An analysis of the available evidence suggests that these modes could be significant employers and contributors to the green economy.

£600,000 Boost for Off-Site Skills
Businesses in the off-site construction industry are invited to bid for up to £600,000 for skills research and development (R&D).